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“Ask the Therapist” Columnist Releases First Book

My Parents are Getting a Divorce... I Wonder What Will Happen to Me

As a parent, when you think about the word “divorce”, many feelings might come to your mind, but what about your children’s feelings? How can you help them deal with their very real feelings about your divorce?

Feelings are a superpower when used responsibly. They tend to get a bad reputation because they can sometimes be overwhelming and painful, but feelings help us learn to cope, process and heal from all the things we experience. The true healing powers of feelings can get lost in all the chaos. It is time to take children’s feelings out of the shadows and bring them to light.

My Parents are Getting a Divorce... I Wonder What Will Happen to Me is an interactive workbook that provides a safe space for children to stay “whole” before, during and after their parents’ divorce; gives children a healthy, creative outlet to explore and process their feelings by initiating discussion as well as discovering the power of self-affirmation and drawing; and takes a journey inside the concerns of children regarding how their lives will be changed by their parents’ divorce.

Therapists Karen Kaye, LMHC and Hara Wachholder, LMHC are a mother-daughter team who have gone through the process of divorce personally and professionally. This workbook came to life through Karen’s efforts to keep her own child out of the middle of her divorce when Hara was young.

For more information and to purchase, visit To contact Karen Kaye, call 954-384-1217 or visit [email protected].