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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Content Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in submitting news items and articles to Natural Awakenings, a healthy living, healthy plane magazine serving our local holistic community. Our collective mission with this free monthly magazine is to educate readers about the latest in natural living and green living.

Each month, we share pertinent global news and interviews with national experts for our departments like: Conscious Eating; Fit Body; Green Living; Healing Ways; Natural Pet; Healthy Kids; and Creative Expression.

News Article Briefs average 175 words. Pictures may be submitted, and must be in camera ready format.

At the bottom of this page, there's a link to the pictured document, with more information regarding our corporate guidelines.

Time and Due Date: Content is due by 5:00 PM on the 10th of the month before publication. 

General NA writing guidelines

  • Establish a strong lead paragraph and compelling close.

  • Remember the five Ws: who, what, where, when, and why.

  • Write in third-person objective news style for most pieces (people/participants/patients).

  • Avoid the less formal ‘you’. Avoid using we/our/us. Instead use the third person perspective, she, he, they.

  • Use a clear, logical order for content.

  • Use action verbs (E.g., ABC offers; not ABC is offering).

  • Use plain language and briefly define technical terms.

  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short.

  •  Include short anecdotes or case studies to illustrate key points–then expand your focus to a wider context.

  • Use strong, genuine quotes to aid in reader identification.

  • Add credibility with scientific studies, statistics, and updates on trends.

What we want

  • Original content written specifically to reach our readers interested in health and wellness.

  • We focus on hope, healing, practical tips and benefits. Every reader wants to know how they can personally use and benefit from information in their life journey.

  • Attribute all medical or health claims and scientific study results; cite credible, authoritative sources. List additional resources in an end note.

Additional Notes

  • We are looking for fresh, original content that has not been published elsewhere.
  • On a monthly basis, we receive more content submissions than we can place in print. Priority is given to our advertisers and placement is dependent on many factors as determined by our Editorial, Advertising, and Layout Departments.
  • Those that do not have either a Display ad or a Community Resource Guide ad are subject to a $398 publishing fee for a News Article Brief.
  • To align with our corporate guidelines for the magazine’s style, we reserve the right to edit all submissions for length, style, and clarity.
  • Briefs and articles are not subject to copy review. We’ll call to check facts as needed.
  • Footnote all sources cited in detail: Books and magazine title, author, publisher, year, and the page number. Individuals need name, title, organization, phone, email, city, and company website. Thank you.
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