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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

IV Energy Infusion Offers Concierge Mobile IV Therapy

IV Energy Infusion operates as a mobile concierge IV company, staffed solely by registered nurses, providing over 20 custom mixes tailored to individual needs. Unlike some other providers, they prioritize personalized formulations over premixed solutions, believing in the value of customization for each client’s specific requirements.

Specializing in anti-aging therapies, their most sought-after treatments include NAD and glutathione. Beginning with baseline testing to assess levels, they offer four main categories of custom IV therapy: Restore, featuring options like Myer’s Cocktail, Hangover, Jetlag, Covid Detox, Immunity Boost, and Vitamin C Blast; Energize, offering solutions such as Max Hydration, Fitness Performance, Fitness Snap Recovery, B12 Boost, and Libido Boost; Rejuvenate, providing Anti-aging NAD, Radiant Skin Glow, Fat Blaster, Glutathione Skin Lightening, and DNA Protector; Repair, including treatments like Chemo Recovery, Herpes Block, Iron Infuse, Zofran Nausea, and Flu Recovery.

For new clients, on offer is an introductory of $90 for the first IV therapy session (excluding NAD), or a complimentary IV session with any purchase of Morpheus8 Microneedling Skin Treatment at their Radiant Skin Institute, in Margate, Florida.

For more information and to book a reservation, call 954-644-3142.

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