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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Paula Centofanti — True Source Healing: The Path to Elevated Health

True Source Healing, in Hollywood, is committed to get their clients back to feeling their best. Their unique approach to functional medicine and personal life coaching sets them apart from traditional health clinics: they prioritize root cause resolution—going beyond symptom management.

Functional medicine is the heart of True Source philosophy, with the focus on eliminating toxic exposures and habits and replacing them with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory habits that promote healing. True Source eliminates barriers to healing by identifying the root cause. This approach optimizes health by enhancing energy for peak performance, allowing one to enjoy more of their life. 

Employing advanced testing and treatments, gut health is at the core of True Source’s method, bolstering the immune system and overall vitality. For those ready to prioritize their health, attaining ideal weight and balanced hormones, True Source Healing is dedicated to creating just such a lasting lifestyle of wellness.

Meet Founder Paula Centofanti, functional medicine practitioner, who works to empower individuals in elevating their physical, emotional, and psychological bodies of health. 

For those ready to embark on their healing journey, consider a free 15-minute strategy session. 

Call 954-779-4498, email [email protected], and/or visit 

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