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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Biocompatible and Holistic Dentistry: A Natural Approach to Dental Care

Integrated Dental Center, in Plantation, with Aurel Chebanu, DMD at the helm, is committed to natural therapies and holistic health solutions. Their biocompatible and holistic dentistry approach ensures that each patient’s overall health is taken into consideration.

Integrated Dental provides a latex-free, mercury-free environment. Through Biocomp Labs, they screen the patient’s blood against 89 chemical groups and families, providing a comprehensive report on the compatibility of over one-thousand dental materials, enabling them to choose the safest materials per each patient’s specific needs.For those seeking mercury removal, the office is specially trained in safe removal procedures. They use ionizers and special vacuums to eliminate any mercury vapors in the air, while the patient is protected with suctions, rubber dams, and a continuous flow of oxygen. Once the amalgam filling is removed, the tooth is restored with non-metal crowns, resin composite, or porcelain restoration, depending on the patient’s preferences.

Location: 333 NW 70th Ave., Ste. 207, Plantation. For more information and/or to book an appointment, call 954-792-6266. 

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