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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Upgrading via Hypnotherapy

Imagine feeling so wonderfully good, calm, powerful, and steady. Notice how you are breathing. Let your body respond to this empowered state: shoulders might lift back and relax down, you lengthen—grow a little bit taller. Feels so good.

Did you know that your brain does not know the difference between your imagination and reality? That means every time you believe a thought, the brain sets off the neuro-cocktail that matches. So, what happens if you believe that you are worthless? Your brain and then so your emotions send the not-so-pleasant feels of being worthless. This is where Leslie Seckelman, certified hypnotherapist, offers to step in. As a hypnotherapist, she is trained to help the individual release their old, raggedy beliefs and update to new thoughts, beliefs, and yes, the good-feels.

Many today are in serious need of upgrading those thought and belief patterns that no longer serve them. Working with a certified hypnotherapist can help to release old wounds, clearing the space for those good feelings of joy to return.

Certified Hypnotherapist Leslie Seckelman can be reached at 541-301-9685, Harmony Resounds Wellness Studio,
[email protected].

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