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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Oneness Perfume

Oneness Perfume

ONENESS! A celebration of our truly noble and authentic selves as we live in awareness of our highest purpose and our interconnectedness with our Universe and all living things. This dynamic nexus of East and West exists in a combination of Occidental and Oriental ingredients united together in perfect and harmonious oneness.

Unisex:  A universally appealing award winner for the senses, this unisex sensation is irresistible to both women and men alike, as it indelibly leaves one with its timeless message and unforgettable signature. 

Philosophy:  Let the beauty of this essence and its message inspire peaceful co-existence; may it encircle all nations and all peoples with the loving gift of gratitude to encourage co-creation and renewal of our sacred planetary home – knowing in spirit – WE ARE ALL ONE.

The Definition Of Love:

“Through loves highest calling
and the potential of
Each One
May we join together in our
hearts with the spirit of
Every One
In Oneness with our truest
Selves... we find
With our World”

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