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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida


Mar 31, 2021 ● By Chatelaine

by Chatelaine

Liberty—freedom from tyranny of one’s own mind and thoughts—is a newfound grace and talent and innate divine substance, to be awakened and kept well-fed. Especially important to the divine feminine energy, liberty allows one the freedom to allow mu shin or no mind its berth, its divine right, to prove itself yea or nay within our consciousness ascension.

All new territory, we enter realms unknown, with some fear yet greater desire for this wholistic happening. Letting go takes great courage, trust and belief in one’s self, Self and higher. Its very belief stokes the fire within and allows us to rise.

Stay within heart. Allow the various flames to encompass, enfold, increase one’s Love capacity, to become a beaming star whilst still on Earth. H.O.M.E. (Heaven On Mother Earth) within. The Temple of Peace, be ye.

Don’t wear on the outside what must be managed from within.

Platitudes and outer positive attitudes are not sufficient.

Living Light and Love, Being Light and Love, in silence, is key.

#1 Soos (Armenian). Mushin. Quiet. Peace.

#2 As man eases up “running the show”,

Evolution organically does grow

The most exciting adventure beginning within,

Stay in the pineal, the Eye of the Pin.

Internal guidance is awakened in thee,

And with Light and Love, sets all free, exponentially.

Peace guides our Planet and Love steers our Stars as we enter the 

Age of Aquarius, a time of freedom from pain and suffering, ongoingly,

As We become atoned with All That Is, in joie de vivre!