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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

The Beauty of Clarity with Integrative & Intuitive Hypnosis

Feb 26, 2021 ● By Catherine Edelson
We deal with and attempt to solve problems all day long, yet as we stumble into stuckness or stubbornness, we often are clueless.

In reality, the way we deal with problems stems from the way we received, perceived, processed and reacted to them in the past. We then unconsciously follow a hypnotic model while on automatic pilot which requires very little work. Our brain is lazy and wants to take shortcuts no matter how uncomfortable the model we follow makes us feel.

Most of what is happening here needs to be understood with a certain degree of awareness in order to get clarity on what is going on if this happens often. With a little or a lot of help from hypnosis and coaching, and depending on the thickness of the layers (like removing those thick curtains hiding the view), we get an aha moment that changes our perception and perspective.

As professionals, we know that getting someone in hypnosis is easy; doing a good job getting awareness and clarity from a client is not. Intuition is the key here.

Who, What, When, How Those are the questions we ask the subconscious mind to trigger and comprehend the “Why” during the intake in order to provide the best functional environment for each client. Then, with an active and willing conscious mind, we contribute to the renewal, restoration or rebuilding of new habits, self-esteem and awareness.

Catherine A Edelson, MA, CH is a writer, artist and life coach based in Fort Lauderdale and offers hypnosis and coaching sessions. Easy connect with her on Hypnozoom, call 954-745-0735 (bilingual English/French) or email [email protected]