What’s Going On in Your Bedroom?

by Gary Greenleaf

Here are five tips for creating an improved energetic bedroom environment so you can rest, rejuvenate and thrive:

A good mattress is a critical starting point. I recommend an organic latex mattress without metal springs or a metal box spring; all metals are conductors and antennas and can become electrically charged—and you can become charged too. You are an electrical being with a built-in electromagnetic field and any charge is received and responded to by your body.

Get a set of remote control electrical outlet switches. These devices shut off the electrical charges at the outlet in the wall and not in your lamps next to your head, which have measurable electrical fields even when switched off.

Replace your light bulbs with traditional incandescent bulbs or warm LEDs. Regular LED and compact fluorescent bulbs emit high levels of unbalanced blue light; this can affect your sleep by inhibiting natural melatonin production and creating circadian biological mismatches.

Unplug your Wi-Fi at night even if it is not in your bedroom. If you can receive Wi-Fi on your phone, your body is also receiving and responding to these signals. When your body goes into parasympathetic mode for sleep, it does not have the natural defenses to handle this radiation.

Get rid of the TV, another source of blue light, an electromagnetic field plus the subconscious programming it emits. Read a book, relax or meditate before you go to sleep. You will sleep much better as a result.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Gary Greenleaf is a certified geo-biological consultant with the Geo-Safe Institute, Germany. He assists clients with EMF testing and neutralization for homes and offices. For more information, call 520-591-8282 and/or visit GaryJamesqra.com and Facebook.com/geosafeusa.

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