Tunie’s 17th Annual Health & Wellness Seminar

Tunie’s Natural Grocery & Vitamin Market presents their annual free seminar, January 24, at Coral Springs Center for the Arts, featuring a lineup of renowned presenters on topics for achieving optimal health.

Dr. David Perlmutter, board-certified neurologist and author of the #1 New York Times bestsellers, Grain Brain and Grain Brain Cookbook, is a recognized international leader in the field of nutritional influences on neurological disorders.
Dr. Josh Axe, natural medicine and clinical nutritionist, with one of the world’s largest natural health websites (DrAxe.com), uses food as medicine. He is author of Eat Dirt, uncovering hidden causes and cures for leaky gut syndrome.
Jordan Rubin, natural health expert and author of The Maker’s Diet, is an international motivational speaker and host of TV’s Living beyond Organic. He is founder of Garden of Life, Beyond Organic and Get Real Nutrition.
Dr. Decker Weiss, the first cardiologist to become a naturopathic physician, helps patients reduce medication safely and eliminate the need for heart surgery. Named a “Leading Physician in the World,” he lectures on the roots of inflammation and how to reverse it naturally. Doors open 6pm. Presentations begin 6:30pm. Tunie’s sampling party 9-10pm. Location: 2855 Coral Springs Dr., Coral Springs. Tunies.com

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