Tinnitus – What is It and What Can Be Done About It?

by Dr. Bill Rice

Tinnitus is commonly known as “ringing in the ears.” While it may not sound serious, talk to anyone who suffers from it. Many experience a very minor form that may last only a few seconds while others live with an annoying tone 24/7. Vincent Van Gogh suffered from Meniere’s disease which includes tinnitus—one theory of why he cut off his ear—that’s how bad it can be.

Tinnitus often arises with hearing loss as the brain produces missing sounds. No one really knows its cause, and worse, modern medicine has no answers. As an alternative physician, Dr. Bill Rice, of Gardens Wholistic Health Center, had used several modalities to treat it yet none were consistently successful. Until now.

Pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy stimulates cell metabolism, increases oxygen assimilation and accelerates the removal of toxic chemicals and waste. The human body consists of about 50 trillion cells that should work together harmoniously. If a small energy deficiency arises in a cell or group of cells, imbalances occur. By creating a resonance similar to that of the body’s own cells, PEMF restores cell functioning and reinforces weak functional cycles, allowing the body to recover its own self-healing capabilities.

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