Thermae Introduces Retreats Designed for Local Residents

Thermae Retreat introduces three and seven day retreats designed for local residents. Based on observing clients walking through the doors on a daily basis, for saunas, massage or clay detoxes, owner Kelly Doyle noticed the changes in their demeanor as they left. They were not just relaxed, their state of ‘being’ shifted. Some walked out with slippers on and shoes left behind. States Doyle, “I thought, we need to have clients in for more than a few hours or a day; we need them for long weekends and full weeks.”

Born was the concept for daily three and seven day retreats. The idea is for the client to spend the morning, afternoon and early evening, and after the final meal or treatment, go home to sleep, returning the next morning. All meals are fresh and organic and the retreats are customized and guided by Thermae’s quantum healer, shamanic practitioner or yoga and meditation teacher. This new concept in retreats allows clients to remain local and not pull themselves completely out of life, while still gaining the benefits of retreat immersion.

Location: 604 S. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. For more information, call 954-604-7930 or visit

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