Revolutionary Approach to English Pronunciation

People often ask Professor Alice Wujciak a strange question, “What’s the difference between the pronunciation of the words ‘bus’ and ‘boss’?” The person asking the question is usually Spanish. For Spanish speakers, whose language has exactly one sound for each of the vowel letters: a, e, i, o and u, the vowel sounds in the words bus and boss are a complete mystery.

Wujciak’s business, Perfect Your American Accent, takes a practical approach. She has developed a system of simple mouth adjustments for her students. Starting with the sounds that are familiar to them, she guides them to make the simple mouth adjustments that create the correct sounds. In this way, she shows her clients how to pronounce all the correct English sounds for all the words they need to say.

Wujciak developed her method over a period of 17 years, giving individual pronunciation lessons to corporate executives and teaching English Pronunciation at Broward College. She is now putting her materials online to reach a wider audience.

To receive her first lesson free and start on your path to correct English pronunciation, go to

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