Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®

“Experience healing beyond anything you’ve read, thought, or dreamt! Reconnective Healing® is non-touch and different from other healing methods,” states practitioner Ralph Flores. “I find and activate the frequency that allows the flow of energy, light, and information between the Universe and you.”


The light and information that the energy carries travels the body, re-balancing, eliminating blockages, helping to eliminate physical, emotional, and mental dis-orders or dis-eases. One to three sessions are suggested.

Each of our bodies contains its own set of energetic lines and points. Although only remnants of what they once were, these lines and points continue to serve as our interface with the Universe—a channel that facilitates our communication of energy, light and information between the Universe and humankind. The Reconnection® brings in new axiatonal lines that reconnect us on a more evolved, powerful level than ever before. Spiritually, it opens the third eye to consciously further sense/live everything that surrounds us. It expands/elevates our level of consciousness as individuals. Two sessions are required, ideally on consecutive or alternate days; it is done only once.

Flores has been successfully facilitating his passions, Reconnective Healings® and The Reconnection®, for over two years. For more information call 954-873-4038. See ad page 56.

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