Reclaim Your Body from the Effects of Trauma with Yoga

Have you felt like a caged bird inside your mind and body, trying to find the door? Jeanette Roy specializes in working with women who have experienced trauma in their lives and are looking for release.



Trauma of any kind can start in childhood or adulthood, be it physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, medical or spiritual. Trauma and abuse have a devastating effect on a woman’s ability to free herself and live authentically in her own power. Trauma can cause one to have anxiety, depression, flashbacks, dissociation, isolation, self-blame, self-harm, and create cycles of addiction to ease the original pain that was never healed.

Roy creates a safe atmosphere for women to work slowly on releasing the body armor of trauma in a gentle, non-judgmental way through yoga and self-inquiry (known as Svadhyaya in Sanskrit). Honoring each woman’s story as her own is an important part of the healing process. Yoga, when suited to the individual needs of each woman, can help reconnect breath with movement, head with body. The body remembers and speaks her own language. Listen, is she calling you home and singing for freedom? For an appointment, call 310-383-5869. See ad page 59.

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