Premature Aging and the Heart

by Dr. Craig Brown

My Dad, also a doctor and talented surgeon, was never sick a day in his life. I had the honor of practicing with him for many years. In addition to being a wonderful father, he was also my best friend—the most caring, honest, grounded person I have ever met in my life.


In 2000, my Mom called me while I was away on vacation and told me that my Dad was diagnosed with pneumonia. A couple of weeks later, he had a second bout. I flew home. Familiar with his perfect health history, I knew something was dramatically wrong. I drove straight to my parent’s home, and immediately examined him. Shocked with my findings, and at his behest, I brought him to the most prestigious hospital in New York. We raced him through the emergency room for a series of tests. At this point he could hardly walk without gasping for air. It was only six weeks before that we were playing half court basketball as we always did.

We met with the most respected cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the world, both friends and colleagues of mine. After 24 hours, the results came back. My Dad was diagnosed with terminal Cardiomyopathy. We were told to prepare for the worst. The cardiologist told us his ejection fraction, the analysis of the ‘pumping action’ from the left ventricle of the heart, measured 74 percent necrotic. This was so poor that he estimated that Dad had only three months to live, at best. I said thank you, but inside, I said NO!

With the strong belief that my Dad’s time was not yet up, and knowing he had nothing to lose and all to gain, I implemented the disciplines and protocols of what I refer to as “Expansive Medicine”. I did not take him off the medications his mainstream physicians prescribed, nor did I counter any of their instructions. I expanded his options. I knew I had to fight against the detrimental side effects of the medications, yet this was no easy feat as my Dad himself was a mainstream doctor with old school philosophy.

In applying Expansive Medicine protocols, I discovered a triad: Sleep Apnea; Oral-Nasal Systemic Connection; and Oral Pathology (for more information see Utilizing specific formulas to address areas of weakness along with a raw food regime, I supplemented the deficit of vital nutrients and enzymes to restore this cardiac patient to homeostasis. One of the many areas addressed was Coenzyme Q10 (not all brands are created equal; many lack in the quality necessary to achieve life restoring benefits). My protocols created what mainstream medicine would call a ‘miracle’.

Within three months, my Dad was taking the staircase faster than I had seen him even before his illness. His quality of life came back. No more gasping for air. No more constant drowsiness. No more forgetfulness. He was getting properly oxygenated and fortified by Expansive Medicine protocols—cleansing, detoxing and rebuilding. He was becoming younger, healthier and more vital. He was getting a second chance. He got his life back when mainstream said… impossible! He lived, laughed, loved, and prospered with my Mom until 2007 (seven years after diagnosis rather than three months).

However, I was puzzled. I felt certain he could have thrived even longer, providing he was being compliant. I found out (on my Dad’s deathbed) that his cardiologist frightened him into dismissing my life sustaining protocols.

Compliance is the most difficult yet most necessary piece of a winning puzzle when it comes to natural Expansive Medicine. Patients, no matter who, sometimes look for any reason they can find to get ‘lazy’. This lack of compliance or laziness is the downfall of the prevention and potential reversal of all disease.

My Dad’s cholesterol was around 200 before he started taking the prescribed statin drug. This number, and even higher numbers, are easily reduced most of the time by Expansive Medicine protocols along with special raw food diets. I tell people to educate themselves a bit before taking prescription drugs. Is there an equally effective alternative, without all the negative side effects that can create additional unrelated health problems? At the very least, patients should educate themselves about what they are putting into their bodies and the side effects and long-term risks.

Why are these side effects and ‘adverse reactions’ happening? What do these side effects really mean? What is really going on in your body for you to have these systemic adverse reactions from a drug? There are many reasons I have discovered. For instance, statins deplete CoQ10, creating Statin Induced Cardiomyopathy. So why would you put a patient who already has Cardiomyopathy on a statin to deplete more of the life-dependent humanly produced CoQ10 enzyme?

I am not saying there isn’t a place for pharmaceutical medicine, but always know what you are taking and the ramifications of your actions. Know that there is usually an alternative. Consider leading your life down the path of Expansive Medicine, a preventative measure that saves you from being in a position to have to take the ‘quick fix’, a temporary ‘band aid’ which will only hide the symptoms, possibly causing more serious health problems in the future.

Dr. Craig Brown is the founder of Expansive Medicine and a Harvard trained surgeon. His mission is to educate the public on building immunity using protocols for real anti-aging results, disease prevention, and to help combat existing disease. For more information on this subject or Dr. Brown’s 12-Step Program visit or email [email protected]

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