Empower, Recharge and Energize with the Most Sustainable Food on the Planet

Spirulina is a plant-based protein that supports cellular detoxification while boosting the immune system. It contains 18 amino acids, including all nine of the essential aminos. Spirulina promotes heart health, enhances cognitive function, accelerates wound healing, improves athletic performance, helps to alkalize the body and is one of the richest sources of natural antioxidants available on the market today. Continue reading “Empower, Recharge and Energize with the Most Sustainable Food on the Planet”

Healing the Soul, Clearing the Way with Debora Ramos

Debora Ramos, a certified spiritual response therapy consultant and teacher, angel therapy practitioner, crystal healer and Reiki master, is dedicated to helping her clients heal and clear blocks in the various aspects of their lives (including past). She tailors each session to best suit the individual’s needs of the moment, assisting in the removal of hindrances to finance, healthy relationships and inner peace.

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Letter from the Publisher

April releases her cloud cover in rhythmic waves of rain to produce ongoing color spectacles across the sky. The umbrella is pressed into use. For one who focuses so much on what has been discarded / unloved on the ground, it’s refreshing to gaze up. I remember the first time I sensed the curvature of the earth as I scanned across the ocean from north to south and north again… taking in that unending view of the Atlantic ocean to the east. The ocean seemed so vast and visibility may have been only 12 miles out. On a cloudless night, our point of view spans lightyears; quite a humbling perspective which brings me back to Earth and the duty / responsibility / honor to focus my actions on supporting the health of our only home planet.

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10 Steps to Mindful Healing after Divorce

by Sheva Ganz

The end of a bad marriage can feel like a much needed relief but can also be painful, stressful and overwhelming. While many assume that divorce is a process of closure, if you are not prepared to let go and move on, you can be stuck in your unhealthy relationship long after it has ended. If you are divorced, something wasn’t the way you intended or wanted it to be, but without taking the right steps to uncovering what went wrong, you will likely end up making the same mistakes all over again. This process is not about shame or guilt so ditch the self-criticism and embrace curiosity.

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Goddess T.O.U.C.H. Spiritual Services Expands

To better serve Palm Beach clientele, Carole Aileo Ha’la Ramsay, Goddess T.O.U.C.H. Spiritual Services, is proud to announce she is expanding her services to Lisa’s Healing Center, 3170 North Federal Highway, Suite 211K, Lighthouse Point. A multidimensional consciousness expert, Ramsay will offer the same personalized, high frequency services she continues to offer at Jade Wellness, 2717 Oakland Park Boulevard, Suite 201, Fort Lauderdale.

“We’re so excited to be teaming up again with Carole Ramsay, international energy expert,” states owner of Lisa’s Healing Center, Lisa Smith, LMT. “Lisa’s Healing Center is a perfect fit for Carole and Goddess T.O.U.C.H. spiritual consultations, from Life Readings, Pet Psychic services and multidimensional energy work to Raindrop essential oil treatments, Past Lives, and more.”

Ramsay continues to offer her impactful Sacred Circles every Tuesday at Jade Wellness, in Fort Lauderdale, and is committed to offering the highest form of clarity and focus for higher consciousness living.

Look forward to your next magical session at Carole’s Deerfield Beach, Lisa’s Healing Center, or Jade Wellness. For more information, call 954-655-5490 or visit GoddessTouch.net,

Deepak Chopra Discusses ‘The Nature of Reality’

“Ask yourself, ‘How am I creating my reality?’” That is the question bestselling author, physician and mind-body healing pioneer Deepak Chopra posed to a young man struggling with how much of life is random chance. It is a question he will explore when he returns to the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, in Fort Lauderdale, at 7:30 p.m., on March 24.

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Hyperbarics in the Treatment of Autism

by Dr. Eliot Slater

Some 70 years have passed since Dr. Leo Kanner wrote his groundbreaking article on autism and a few facts have emerged. It is now known that some areas of the autistic brain are hypoperfused and there are areas where inflammation exists and the mitochondria are not functioning normally. Since it is also now known that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can overcome hypoperfusion, diminish inflammation and reverse mitochondrial dysfunction, it has gained traction as a way to treat autism.

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Skip the Dinner and Drinks

Six Ways to Celebrate in a Healthier Way!

by Dr. Donna L. Goldstein

Have you noticed nearly every celebration in life, whether it’s a family birthday, graduation or career advancement on Facebook, shows people indulging in large amounts of food and drink? Let’s rethink how we can celebrate in fun ways that are better for us and healthier, too. Rather than spending hundreds of dollars on eating out and consuming things that don’t serve us well, here are a few examples of how to have a lovely celebration and feel great about it.

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