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November I give thanks, not only during the traditional American holiday of Thanksgiving, but each day I rise. This year there are situations for additional reflections. After Hurricane Irma blew through Florida, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, near the family home of our Natural Awakenings’ publishers Luis and Waleska and their children. Even at this writing, there is no power on most of the island.

A few days after the storm, Luis was able to place a call with a neighbor who had an intermittent phone connection, letting the rest of the Natural Awakenings “family” know they were okay and had a water source, however, food was scarce. They were thankful to have survived and wanted to strategize about how to best help the community rebuild. They decided Waleska would bring the children stateside and enroll them in school. Luis remains in Puerto Rico working on the rebuilding efforts for the larger community.

Readers may recall Waleska and Luis gracing the cover of our recent September yoga issue. The greater NA family has set up a fund for people to contribute toward the rebuilding of the holistic community in Puerto Rico, GoFundMe.com/NaturalAwakeningsPRfundraiser. I’ve contributed; perhaps this will resonate with you as well.  Included in this issue is a news brief regarding this worthy cause.

As if the storm’s drama wasn’t enough, a few days after Waleska and the children were welcomed into the home of Kelly Martinsen, owner of Natural Awakenings Long Island magazine, Kelly woke up to smoke from an electrical fire. All got out safe, however, the house burned to the ground. Kelly posted on Facebook: “We had a fire and I know that there is word out there that we ‘lost everything’. I want to assure everyone that this is not the case. While our house may be totaled, ‘everything’ I need was found the morning after the fire as I held my kids (all three!) and my husband in my driveway…for now we have no needs.”

It’s all about perspective. This is such a beautiful example of gratitude and giving thanks for what is truly important.

Life has a way of teaching us how to drill down to the essentials of living, and what it’s all about. During walks through the valleys and mountains, one gathers perspective and gains wisdom.

Friends and family may connect to share a meal, a hug or a smile. Remembering the value of those connections leads me in my choices throughout the day. My internal guidance system, leading from the heart, serves me well. Within this issue, we’ve included a helpful article for our readers concerned about diabetes and reversing the disease, and another on silent retreats and tips for getting to peace within. We trust you’ll find just what you need for your next steps embracing wellness.

After a recent beach cleanup, about 20 servings of packaged food were left for me to distribute. In that process, the ensuing short conversations included expressions of thanks, even from those that refused the offering.

Through giving without expectations, we receive with grace; plan on it.
SusieQ Wood, Publishing Editor

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