Late Night Health and Mark Alyn

Sometimes the gifts we earn evolve from what appear to be negative circumstances. In Mark Alyn’s case it was the refusal of his health insurance to cover costs for necessary physical therapy treatments. Asking why they declined what appeared to be 100 percent coverage, the insurance company answered, “Because we can.”

Spurred on by the insurance company’s abuse, Alyn, an award-winning radio and TV host and producer with a career spanning more than 30 years, created Late Night Health (LNH), a radio show with an integrative focus, blending alternative health topics with the latest from traditional medical doctors.

A friend of Alyn’s, “The Insane” Darrell Wayne, a Los Angeles radio icon and station owner (KTHO – Lake Tahoe) put Alyn and LNH on the air. The show was picked up by WMEL in Florida and then in Albuquerque. Five years later LNH is a leading national health radio show and has top charted on iTunes.

Alyn is not a health expert but asks questions from the consumers’ point of view, sharing information on health topics from energy healing to meditation, yoga to exercise, exploring topics that affect everyone.

To be a guest on the show, call 805-391-0308 or email [email protected] Tune in at

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