Hospice of Broward County Volunteers: Giving is Getting

“Every day I volunteered, it gave me such a good feeling. When I would leave, I felt elated, like I was walking on air. It feels so good to help other people.” — Marilyn Marcus, 30 year hospice volunteer

Hospice of Broward County volunteers often say that they get much more from their service than they could ever give. Volunteers are central to everything Hospice of Broward County does. Generous with time, love and energy, volunteers touch the lives of others and make it possible for Hospice to care for everyone who needs and wants their services. Diverse in their backgrounds, interests and talents, volunteers are also unique in the ways they help.


Some volunteers work directly with patients and families. Some support staff in the office, resale shops and special events. Others offer their professional expertise to help. What unites everyone is the desire to give and the great satisfaction in making a difference in the community.

Hospice of Broward County works with volunteers to find the right match for their talents. Hospice provides an orientation and ongoing training to make sure that everyone is comfortable in their role and that the volunteer experience is rewarding.

For more information, call 954-267-3852.

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