GMO? Label It So

The City of Hallandale Beach became the first city in Florida to unanimously pass resolutions in favor of GMO labeling and supporting a ban on the overuse of antibiotics in livestock.

Across the country, public concern over the safety of GMOs in our food has led to national brands labeling accordingly. Chipotle announced it will label GMO foods on their menu, Whole Foods will do the same for their products, and General Mills announced they will remove GMOs from their original Cheerios cereal. GMO labeling laws have been passed in Connecticut, Maine, and Vermont as well as GMO restriction laws passed in Hawaii and two Oregon counties. Already 64+ countries have a ban or mandatory labeling of such foods, including Russia and China. This means the top seven food manufacturers already label in these countries; why not here in the U.S.?

States Trish Sheldon of GMO Free Florida, “There has been an overwhelming public response demanding a GMO Labeling law in Florida. We want accountability, traceability and really, if you’re going to put GMOs in our food, then just label it like all the other countries do. Let us decide if we want to eat it!”

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