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Natural Awakenings, Broward County, Florida

Virtual Global Free Psychic, Holistic Health, Wellness Fair đź’® on Zoom

Spiritual seekers everywhere are tuning in to this hit monthly virtual event, which offers a full nine hours of “close encounters” with renowned local healers, psychics, and coaches, all for a voluntary love donation.

Join Us at the Virtual Psychic and Healing Fair Everybody’s Talking About! Healers Network Virtual Holistic Health Wellness and Psychic Fair 

Calling all spiritually aware and holistic-minded individuals! We’re HEALERS NETWORK, the worldwide alliance of extraordinary experts in the realms of holistic healing and spiritual awareness.

People are flocking to our monthly “Close Encounters” with renowned Psychics, Holistic Healers, Intuitives, and Practitioners from around the Globe!

Haven’t joined us yet?
Then please don’t miss our next Zoom gathering, Saturday, June 25th from 1-10 pm eastern.

You will literally not believe the lineup of super-gifted practitioners who’ll be here to SERVE YOUR HIGHER GOOD!

15 Speakers with Virtual Exhibit Rooms FREE Mini Psychic & Card Readings Experience Live Ceremonies & Activations Listen to Real-Time Music Reduced Show Prices Q and A Speaker Rooms Meditate Win Door Prizes Shopping Fun Room Experiences Admission by Sliding Scale

Please register RIGHT NOW to take advantage of our valuable door prizes and show specials. We welcome you to our growing community… Get ready to relax, learn, and have FUN!


Add Event to your calendar to remind yourself on the monthly Virtual Fair on Zoom