Elders Rock! Don’t Just Get Older: Become an Elder

by Harvey Austin, M.D.
Our world has wasted two of its most valuable resources—the Wisdom of Elder and the Power of Woman. As a result, we have a patriarchal world run by mere adults without Elder wisdom and guidance. Adults ask, “Can we?” Elders ask, “Should we?” Humanity’s immature thinking has resulted in our present competitive worldview of you OR me, our world on the brink of disaster.

Elders Rock! declares that our world needs Elder. We needs its wisdom, its compassion, and its long view. We need Elder spirituality. The Wise Woman Elder, once reverently known as the Crone, must be restored to her long-standing and rightful place.
Elders Rock! is committed to two things: One is the transformation of our worldwide worldview to the inclusive worldview of you AND me. The second is the restoration of Elder as our natural Third Stage of Life.
The book’s subtitle says it — Don’t Just Get Older: Become an Elder. This book, committed to, will teach you and support you, woman or man, to become an Elder, full of purpose, joy and satisfaction. The author has selected the best self-teaching techniques for you to train yourself to be an Elder—wise, compassionate and cherished.
Available on Amazon as a hard copy at $14.95 and as a .99 cent download to Kindle or other reader. For more information, visit Book.EldersRock.com, EldersRock.com and HarveyWAustin.Wordpress.com.
Author Harvey Austin is available as a speaker and invites inquiries by phone at 703-798-2290 or via email at [email protected].

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