Dream to Freedom Workshop Benefits Youth Environmental Alliance

On November 9, Robert and Lynne Hoss, internationally renowned authors and creators of the Dream to Freedom technique, will conduct an interactive and visually rich three-part lecture and workshop series on integrating dreams and energy psychology for emotional healing and personal growth.

The series begins with the broader question of consciousness, energy and the essence of our being, then focuses on the science and psychology of dreams and energy psychology. Participants will learn how dreams heal, what they reveal, and how energy psychology can rapidly reduce the effects of traumatic memories and phobias. It will conclude with a workshop where participants learn to use dreams and an emotional freedom technique for identifying and working through emotional barriers that leave us stuck.


The workshop supports Youth Environmental Alliance, a 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to promote education and participation in environmental activities to diverse persons of all abilities.

Robert Hoss, a scientist and director of the DreamScience Foundation and International Association for the Study of Dreams, is author of Dream Language and co-author of Dream to Freedom, along with Lynne Hoss, a Clinical Psychologist and Certified Energy Practitioner who also authored 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life.

Register at YEAFrog.org. See ad page 32.

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