All-Natural Salt Therapy for Children and Adults

With the end of summertime and the promise of a new school year on the horizon, The Salt Box offers endless reasons to try salt therapy: improving immunity as children prepare to return to school, seeking divine relaxation when “me-time” can be almost nonexistent, and promoting overall health and enhanced well-being, to name a few.

When families incorporate salt therapy into their routine prior to children returning to school and into the first few months of the school year, it can be a key factor in keeping their children healthier than most. According to The Salt Therapy Association, dry salt therapy can reduce inflammation, and boost the immune system by increasing resistance to respiratory tract diseases while also improving sleep patterns, general health and quality of life.

Visiting The Salt Box a few times each week can help to naturally detox the body and strengthen the immune system enough to decrease the occurrence and length of illness, potentially meaning fewer “sick” days.

Cost: First session is $15; open 7 days/week. Location: 6710 Parkside Dr., Parkland. Book a session, call 954-906-5985 or visit

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