All Hands on Deck Project

Art by the People for the People

An environmental art and water awareness project will kick off on March 26, through the partnership of local non-profits and businesses. Trash to Treasure Creative Reuse Center, ArtsBunker (satellite project of ArtServe), Sal’s Towing, and Sailorman are collaborating to use collected beach litter to create mosaic designs on an abandoned boat.

Sal’s Towing heard the project organizers were looking for an old boat and offered up one with a history. “This little boat, made of used pallets, was built by Cuban refugees to get to the shores of Florida,” explains Mark Conn of Sal’s Towing.

“Sal’s has been amazing,” confirms Casey Eckels of Trash to Treasure. “They not only gave us the boat, but are also helping us get it to ArtsBunker where the creative work happens, and when complete, delivering it to its display location.” Sailorman is donating the trailer.

“By inviting the public to get involved and create together,” explains SusieQ Wood, local environmental artist and project leader, “people learn firsthand how much junk ends up in the ocean and how this can be reversed with a little conscious effort. Plus, we have fun doing an art project.”

To get involved, visit, All Hands on Deck project (under March) or call 888-828-8242 Ext. 701.

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