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Complete Media Kit Link, Broward County. This version downloads quickly.
Due dates: 10th of the month for Display print advertising, Community Resource Guide (CRG) ad, Calendar section and Classified advertising.
. Broward (fill-in PDF form)
. Display Advertising
. Community Resource Guide (CRG) online submission form
. Calendar advertising (overview of three types of listings)

. Classified Advertising  sold by the word (minimum $90/quarter year)
. Website Advertising
. Multi-Market Rates for Southeast Florida (including our fill-in  PDF Insertion Order forms):

EDITORIAL DUE DATE: 5th of the month prior to publication: News Briefs, Health Briefs, Book in-views and Articles.

See links below for submitting editorial or advertising.EDITORIAL    In-depth EDITORIAL GUIDELINESPDFONLINE

. Submit News Brief, Health Brief or Book In-View 
. Submit Your Article
. More Information – Proposing an Article for print.
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