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October’s beach, altered by Irma, developed a shallow pool of water that stretched far down the shoreline. Some creative soul built a beautiful drip sand castle at the pool’s edge. Innovative!

Transformative travel is a thoughtful topic this month, especially in the wake of Florida’s recent evacuation request.

That type of “forced” travel may transform us, but in a way that we may not have set as a developmental goal. As I reached out to our community to see how they were, the stories varied but the theme stayed the same: Being grateful for health and that there was no major damage. Many of us who stayed experienced the extreme heat without a/c. I was one of the few that had power the entire time.

I prepared very well for the possibility of being without electricity, choosing juicy foods like grapefruits, apples, celery, zucchini and cabbage that not only could be eaten raw, but would nourish me and keep me hydrated. I also had plenty to share with others. My tub was filled with water for toilets because of a “teaching moment” from the previous storm. Daily life seemed to slow down as friends and neighbors exited the area. When I finally ventured out with a bicycle ride around the neighborhood, the loss of trees was most sad and, at this writing, the plant debris slowly dries out by the road, waiting its turn to be hauled off and hopefully composted.

The air felt so fresh and clean along with the beach surface after the storm; there was very little debris in front of my condo, almost like a cleansing of some sort. Hurricane Sandy was quite the opposite. Some businesses are still not open for one reason or another.

Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, she speaks loud and clear as to what she must do in order to maintain her own health—and if shaking things up is her way—I say we need to listen and take note. If we want things to continue on the same trajectory, then we need only close our eyes and stick our heads in the sand.

We have an amazing opportunity now to speak our truths and to share what we want for our future generations. The trees we plant today may take generations to mature… so there’s no time to waste in getting started. In planning forward, sustainability is the watchword.

There are some cool events happening in October and I plan to attend when I can. I’ll be traveling to California the end of October for a family visit and the 90th birthday celebration of my dear aunt. We’re planning a Trashformation event.

Whether you’re traveling to the beach to create your own castle or wanting to give back to a community in the forest, enjoy the journey; do good and love the outcomes as they magically unfold.

Embrace change and development; plan on it.

SusieQ Wood, Publishing Editor

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