Yoga Therapy Creates a New Level of Healing


Based on the premise that incomplete emotions and experiences can manifest as holding patterns, desensitization or chronic tension and pain in the physical body, yoga based techniques can optimize the release and flow of prana or energy so that the body/mind complex can heal and integrate itself. Results include profound release of mental and emotional tension, physical opening, and energetic restructuring,


all of which contribute to optimal physical health and wellbeing. Through training what you can experience for yourself and be equipped to bring to others includes: develop the ability to connect with the body and what it is communicating at a subtler level; discover gravity supported, static poses which allow blocked or insensitive body zones, such as the inner thighs, buttocks and heart, to surface and be released; and learn yoga-based facilitation techniques that hold the space for each individual to access their own mental, emotional and physical integration. Amrit Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL Tuition $595 includes meals and accommodations 21 hours CECs. For more information or to register: email [email protected] or call 352-685-3001. See ad page 33.

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