Visions of Light Book Signing with Ishwari

According to Rina Ishwari, her path has always been and continues to be allowing the vibration of the Creator-Source to filter through her being so that all that she does, thinks or says is the pure reflection of her divine Self.

The experience of being human produces a wide range of energetic and emotional challenges for everyone. As time passes, we start to observe that even the most blissful states come and go and there naturally comes a yearning for something beyond.

With an open heart, Ishwari dedicates Visions of Light: The Power of Letting Go to the reader. In this book, she shares her personal journey, the path she walked from suffering to wisdom. Her personal stories are a reflection of her soul’s evolution on Earth. Ishwari’s energetic shift was made possible with the assistance of spiritual guides, ascended masters, angelic realms, gurus and Christ consciousness.

Each chapter is a paradigm, containing an array of tools, experiences and deeper wisdom to align the reader’s vibration to God’s. Some may feel a presence. Trusting intuition, others experience sensations of knowing, energetic shifts, shivers, tingling and ‘aha’ moments.

Meet Ishwari for a book signing, 4 to 5:45pm, July 23, at Namasté Yoga Salon, 421 S. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach. For more information, call 954-802-4988 or

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