Transform Painful Life Patterns & Improve Life Quality with Soul Power

Reincarnation is viewed as an Eastern philosophy, but truthfully, it is a spiritual law that governs enlightenment for all souls in the Universe. Our physical life is meant to serve our spiritual life. We are here to become enlightened in our souls, then our minds and bodies; to be the living essence of divine love, compassion, peace and harmony on Mother Earth. Until we reach enlightenment, we come back in successive lifetimes to try again, and each reincarnation brings karmic patterns and blockages from previous lifetimes.


“I know the power of soul healing because I experienced its transformative abilities within my own life,” said Master Ellen Logan, Divine Channel and Worldwide Representative of Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha. “Transformation starts at the soul level, and once that occurs, natural healing of the mind, body and heart follow with continued practice. You can change relationships, intelligence, finances, health and more.”

Learn sacred teachings and experience powerful blessings and practices with Master Ellen at her Power of Soul for Healing & Transformation Workshop, Oct. 12 and 15, in West Palm Beach; and Divine Healing Hands Certification Training Workshop, Oct. 25-27, Wyndham Hotel, Boca Raton.

For more information, Pamela 561-331-1385 or See ad page 23.

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