What are You Tolerating in Your Life?


by Rosanne C. Martino


Here is a list of 10 things you can do to improve your life today:


1. Less tolerating. When you stop putting up with stuff, you will have more energy.

2. Complete unfinished business and fully communicate. When you fully communicate, you will experience peace of mind.

3. Simplify everything. When you simplify your life, you will have much more space and experience balance.

4. Strengthen your personal foundation. When your needs are met and your foundation is solid, confidence replaces fear.

5. Achieve clarity on what is important to you. When your life is oriented around what is important to you, you will have clarity on what is next.



6. Improve continuously. When you build on what you have, you will become more successful.

7. Integrate your life’s components. When your life’s components fit together well, you will experience effortlessness.

8. Build your reserves. When you build reserves in every area, you are able to leverage and have more opportunities.

9. Polish every aspect of your life. When you buff-up every aspect of your life, you will feel even more proud.

10. Move on. When you decide to leave the past behind, accept the present as “a present”, then the future will begin to unfold.


I would like to discuss #1, less tolerating, for a better understanding of the “tolerance of life” that most people adjust to every day. In general, we have different capacities and levels of what and who we tolerate in our space, in our world, in our profession, etc., from leaving dirty dishes in the sink to enduring the same monotonous advertisements over and over again on our favorite music station, just to hear the music.

Eventually, we realize that continuing to accept these things depletes our energy levels. For example, in the work place there may be someone who repeatedly makes the same mistake over and over, which ultimately affects your day. This may seem irrelevant to most, but you will feel the drain. In the home, your child may refuse to clean their room resulting in a confrontation and possibly you doing the job. Your actions are just another way of not tolerating it, but in the end, another zap of your vitality.

You may recognize when a person lacks common sense, it is difficult to understand their inability to function, and you wonder, “How do they survive?” This is just another factor of our tolerance of society. How about affairs of the heart? I know everyone can relate to a level of tolerance that they never knew they were capable of, when accepting thoughtless behavior from the one you love!

How much do these examples deplete your “life source”? Over time, you will eventually feel “zapped” from these ongoing, monotonous, mentally draining, exhausting and consuming events, no matter how trivial some may seem in the grand scheme of things.

However, we all know that tolerance, in a society, is sometimes crucial for survival. As Gandhi once said, “Anger and intolerance are enemies of understanding.” But, the issues on a daily basis that personally offend, bother, clutter, drain and zap our spirit and energy should be evaluated as to how much weight they actually carry in our lives. Consider this: maybe we just have to change our thinking. Maybe then we will have more time, strength, and interest in what is important and necessary to get us where we want to be.

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