The Great Awakening: Ascension Healing, Port St. Lucie

The purpose and content of the Ascension Healing workshop is to walk participants through the 8-step Ascension process on day 1. That higher frequency and vibration will then be blended with new healing initiations, attunements and meditations to free oneself from the 3rd dimension on day 2.

The focus of The Great Awakening: Ascension Healing is on one’s sweet self, Gaia, as well as providing practical tools to help humanity through the Ascension portal. The work is individualized, involving the inner journey. For those who are Ascension gatekeepers, this is a must. This will be acceleration, a flight; one will never again be the same – that is the blessing and gift.
This workshop will be conducted by Linda Dillon, author and world-class channel of the new spiritual primer, The Great Awakening. The Ascension Healing workshop is anchored upon her 25 years of experience with the higher realms. Registration is limited; go within to the heart and decide.
Workshop takes place over two days, July 14 to 15. For more information, contact Dillon at or 772.621.9631. To register, go to

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