Superior Health Tops Normal Health

After closing his raw food restaurant/quantum center, Nuage Café, Thierry Browers has been lecturing and educating consciously-awakened health enthusiasts about that special lifestyle that sets people free from all degenerative dis-eases and illnesses. To him, and many other world health leaders such as Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. Richard Anderson, Dr. Gary Null, Professor Arnold Ehret, Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Dr. Carey Reams, the body is a highly sophisticated bio-electrical machine that requires the proper fuel and maintenance to operate efficiently. Once optimized, it becomes strong enough to repair and heal itself, becoming inhospitable to all degenerative dis-eases and illnesses.


It is not God's intention for us to suffer from pains and miseries. They are the direct consequences of self-inflected injuries caused by unnatural lifestyles and disobedience of the Divine Rules. Everything in Nature is governed by very simple mathematical laws. When one becomes in-tuned with those laws, freeing him/herself from all material and spiritual obstructions, he/she becomes like a flower, radiant and beautiful, synchronized with the Cosmos, expressing the loving message of God.

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"Vitality and beauty are gifts of nature for those who live according to its laws." ~ Leonardo DaVinci

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