Sound Healing Pioneers Release Dream Space

The music in Dream Space reflects the title, with a sense of vast space and rich low tones that make it a natural fit for healing, meditation and even sleep. Dean Evenson plays his sonorous flutes, and in addition to his soprano silver flute, he adds bass and alto flutes over a bed of atmospheric keyboards. Dudley Evenson joins him on harp, tamboura and Tibetan bowls. Phil Heaven, adds viola to round out the musical experience.


Within the Dream Space mix is the natural Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF), a sub-audio tone of 7.83 hertz. It’s an enhancement designed to promote Alpha/Theta brainwave synchronization for deeper relaxation, Dean Evenson explains. “The ERF is in the range of the natural vibration of the earth’s atmospheric cavity and can be felt but not heard,” he says. “Under the influence of this original nurturing earth frequency, the brain will entrain into the state that is on the cusp between Alpha and Theta—the state that occurs when a person is still awake and alert, yet in a calm and meditative space.”

For more information about Dream Space or any of the music produced by Soundings of the Planet, visit or call 800-937-3223.

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