SoulTranSync: Brainwave Meditation Meets Ho’oponopono

The SoulTranSync (STS) process is a powerful world movement that ignites a shift in consciousness. The movement uses Ho’oponopono and deep meditation to inspire a fearless and nurturing way of living where there is nothing to resist or to be afraid of.

Founder and Spiritual Trainer, Edward Miller, believes that everyone can benefit from this practice to sharpen and deepen resolve, igniting a profound sense of peace and purpose to the daily aspects of life that sometimes feel fragmented and fragile to us. When designing SoulTranSync, he wanted to prepare seekers for a new, meaningful existence, open to synchronicity, increased productivity and abundant flow.


Miller goes on to say that the practices of SoulTranSync allow users to connect with their own Divine Purpose through the power of self responsibility. “Taking ownership of all your life experiences, especially the painful and resistant identities, is the one true path to enlightenment. It is the most powerful approach for personal growth.” It has been Miller's experience that as people clear and release their resistance, they create the space in consciousness for the world to evolve through transformative expansion.

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