Shimmy for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You have probably heard of lymph nodes, but how much do you know about your lymph system? It is sometimes referred to as the septic system of the body; when it becomes sluggish or “backed-up”, this is when disease can occur.


Exercise and movement are the best way to keep your lymph moving and healthy. In our busy lives, it is very difficult to find the time much less the energy to go to an exercise class, but the Happy Human Center in Davie has found a way to make it fun and support a cause all in one! Dancer and Massage Therapist Amy Mills is introducing Burlesque Dance Fitness. Lose yourself in the music of jazz, Broadway shows, and modern recording artists while you learn to bump, grind, tantalize and tease like a Burlesque Queen! This class offers a safe, low-impact, full body comprehensive workout for the everyday lady who wants to be a little naughty!

For the month of October, Burlesque is being offered as a package with portions of the proceeds donated to a local women’s charity. For full details, call The Happy Human Center at 954-704-8626. See ad page 56.

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