Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary Ordination

We are living in a new era of cutting edge spirituality—seekers in search of enlightened truths beyond the confines of their childhood religions. A new designation we hear quite often now is for people to say that they are “spiritual but not religious.” This seems to be indicating a commitment to spiritual living by way of unconditional respect for all humanity, compassion, kindness and a personal quest for a connection with The Divine.

Various polls indicate a growing trend away from organized religion and on to a more sacred path that allows for an inner exploration of faith. This inner exploration is not a rejection of religion but an expansion of consciousness, an opening of our hearts and our minds to the endless possibilities of spiritual practices and spiritual growth.

Now, here in South Florida, seekers can explore various spiritual modalities at Sacred Journey Interfaith Seminary, where Reverends Dr. Lori Cardona and Dr. Grace Telesco teach myriad faith paths and practices and ordain students as Interfaith Ministers, dedicating their lives to one of sacred service.

Location: 1410 NE 26th St., Wilton Manors. For more information, call 917-579-3750 or visit

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