REMA, New Approach from the Neurosciences

Developed by Professor Alicia Quaini, REMA means Restructuring Atemporal Memories. Some memories are responsible for our unpleasant outcomes, depression, anxiety, and psychosomatic diseases. They could also be responsible for illnesses such as high blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, psoriasis or the simple cold.



They are called atemporal memories because they are not in the time they belong; they pervade our complete system and will explode at any time. REMA helps the patient find these memories, determine the disturbance level, and apply different physical processes based on precise movements indicated for each particular case. Within a few minutes or seconds, there is a dissociation of those memories from the emotions attached to them. The result is the disturbance level goes to zero, never to return. The new rewiring of the brain remains to absorb all the future information from a different perspective, a more sane and neutral point of view. Significant results were presented in International Science Congresses and scientific articles. From psoriasis, anxiety, depression, back pain, intestinal pain, rape and molestation to psychological unbalance, all cases so far have been successful. For more information, visit For an appointment, call 954-747-4732. See ad page 56.

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