Qigong Strength Training for Strong Humans with Peaceful Dispositions


by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

Strength can bring confidence and security to one’s consciousness. More than the peace of being able to defend one's self, certain types of strength can give rise to higher vibrational states of enlightenment. My Qigong teachers all agree that “Enlightenment” is a biological process and requires a strong nervous system, conditioned by special movements and breathing.


Paul Ryan, Republican VP nominee, had more attention the first week of announcing his candidacy about his “washboard abs” and the workouts he did than his fiscal policies. Literally, for one week comedians like Jon Stewart and major networks like CNN focused attention on his strength workouts. Why? Because society respects strength. So I say, if you want to change this world and make it better… get strong… get some abs!

Reaching your maximum potential is not easy. Most people are not willing to do the work to reach peak states of vibration. Conditioning the nervous system with several types of exercise is key. HyperThrows are “very fast” Qigong movements to help increase fast-twitch muscle. Quick movements release huge amounts of ATP energy, and when practiced over time develop a powerful endocrine and muscular evolution. Kung Fu conditions your nervous system to produce more ATP energy. Jogging or lifting weights cannot do this. It takes conditioning the nervous system and the fast twitch muscle fibers. This is why martial artists experience full Kundalini awakening more than any demographic.

Slower movements, like in Qigong, are crucial to “circulate” this energy once it has been built up. Qigong Strength Training combines the best of both fast and slow movements to create the ultimate Qi workout. Extreme fast followed by slow “Pressing on Qi” movements work wonders for circulatory issues and building muscle. These extreme Yin and Yang alternating movements open your arteries to expand blood flow beyond what traditional exercise is capable of.

Enlightenment requires a body that can hold the light. Fitness is not only about muscles; it’s about the nervous system. At our seminars we teach something called “Journey to 100 Push Ups” to over 500 people at a time. This type of conditioning is where the massive results come in. A 75-year-old man complained he couldn't do any push-ups. After the Qigong warm-up, he did 87 on his knees! Muscles respond to this high repetition training better than lifting something heavy ten times. I encourage people afraid of push-ups to do them on their knees or in the easiest settings possible. 

Meridian stretches help to literally “warm up” the body and maintain flexibility. We use them along with loose fist pounding and shaking exercises to open all the joints and avenues of blood flow. Leg lifts are also crucial according to Bruce Lee who used to simply hold his legs in the air for long periods. The lower abdomen is the seat of what Qigong calls the “Dan Tien”. Lower abdomen is super important to be toned as it’s the center of gravity and houses most of your vital energy. Sit-ups are great, but don’t forget the lower abdomen, which is people’s weak spot.

Horsestance is perhaps the most important exercise of all time. No exercise on Earth will develop your leg strength in the way that holding postures can. I start people out with a minute or two the first time and increase slowly. We like to further challenge our students with what we call “Super Horsestance” which is like the photo shows where people go into an even lower posture, but only for about 30 seconds. These low stance weight-bearing exercises are clinically shown to benefit Osteoporosis by sending a message to your body to make the bones stronger.

Overall, you don’t need to starve yourself to get the body of your dreams. To become your strongest ever, simply find an effective strength practice you love doing and eat healthy (for more about food see ConqueringAnyDisease.com). Get into a routine at the same time each day, preferably in the morning. Both novice and advanced students are loving the new Qigong strength training DVD, which takes 44 minutes from start to finish and leaves you feeling euphoric all day. Already one thousand people have taken our “60-Day Challenge” and do the routine 30 times in a two-month period. Taking a day of rest (every other day) in between workouts is important to build the muscle you want. You can practice easily with the DVD, however attending the live seminar and doing four days of Qigong is the ultimate. Stay strong, focused and you will reach your goals. Get into a strength practice you love.

Jeff Primack has studied with many Qigong masters from all over the world. He teaches Qigong seminars to thousands of people and hosts the Qigong.com website. See ad back cover.

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