Qigong Health, Secrets for Long Life

by Qigong Practitioner Jeff Primack

During his 20 years as a full-time qigong practitioner, Jeff Primack has trained alongside many qigong masters. He healed his asthma with qigong and went on to train more than 3000 qigong instructors to successfully share the power of these practices.

If you don’t have the experience of qigong, it may be difficult to understand. A qigong practitioner can have the energy of 10 people. Everyone is receiving energy from God or True Source of Life. Energy flows into the head and along meridians through vital organs. Once a person has begun a steady practice of qigong breathing and subtle movements, they will become a “bigger magnet” for qi, allowing previously untapped healing energy to become available.

Standing in qigong postures with an awareness of qi, a person can circulate/move as much blood as if running fast for three miles. Jogging releases a lot of adrenaline and negative stress hormones that close off small capillaries but qigong does not. There is no stress response during qigong (due to slow breathing and postures) and blood flow is greatly accelerated to eliminate pain, reverse digestive problems, improve sleep—you name it—qigong has been shown to heal it. Furthermore, blood flow to the forehead is increased in qigong routines with a blissful pulsation helping to activate brain power, intelligence and creativity. Oxygen—the physical manifestation of qi—is used more by the brain than any other organ in the human body. When more oxygen is present, the brain works a lot better.

Euphoric “highs” can be attained from breathing techniques. The value of this in practical, real world terms is everyone wants to feel good. Alcohol transforms our mental state but also destroys the liver. Qi has no side effects except making you feel full of vitality. Its highs are beyond words. Sometimes the qi will vibrate throughout the body in such a blissful way as to feel we are being touched by God—all without chemicals or manmade products that cost money. Qi, being free, abundant and right under our nose, makes it the ultimate ally to rise above life’s obstacles.

Mayo says qigong with Primack and his instructors has been well received. When veterans do qi breathing, trust issues and whether the teacher is also a vet become less important. Old mind patterns are temporarily bypassed as the feeling of qi is strong enough to give a natural high. Many vets report this has been invaluable to replace harmful addictions. Skeptical views on qi are instantly overcome by the tangible waves of vibration that dissolve tension and relax tight muscles. Once you get the hang of the breathing techniques, there comes the ability to have a natural high anytime. The ability to drop negative emotions faster trains individuals to be lighter and more in the present moment.

At the Qi Revolution conference, people generate energy in graceful qigong routines and vibrate with energy in breathing practices. It’s all down to Earth and explained so newcomers can understand and experience the benefits within minutes. In addition, food-healing principles from naturopathic medicine are also shared. All ages and fitness levels can participate. Veterans admitted free of charge.

Qi Revolution comes to Miami Miccosukee Resort, November 10 to 12, with Primack along with 10 instructors teaching three days of qigong training for $149. For more information and to reserve tickets, call 800-298-8970 or visit QiRevolution.com

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