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Susan Sheppard, RN, CEO

Getting What You Want, LLC.

818.254.9242 • [email protected]

For more than 20 years, Susan Sheppard has been helping singles discover a more empowered version of themselves. She states, “I am a life coach specializing in relationships, working with men and women who have been rejected romantically or have wounded or broken hearts from broken relationships, helping them heal, grow and find love with commitment.”

Wellness Services Offered: Western medical advice, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Business Coaching

Areas of Specialty: Self Esteem Issues, Emotional Trauma, Recovery from Abusive Relationships, Divorce, Broken Hearts, Broken Relationships, Phobias, Limiting Belief Systems

Philosophical Approach: Human beings have extraordinarily powerful brains that are vastly underused. Our other-than-conscious mind rules and directs our lives. A mindset that encompasses Eastern, Western and Neuropathic medical principles will accelerate physical and emotional healing.


Tongue Tie South Florida

Leslie Haller, DMD

5280 N University Dr., Lauderhill FL 33351 • 786 567-8274 • [email protected]

General dental office with a specialty in frenectomies using a CO2 laser.

Wellness services offered: Laser frenectomies for tongue and upper lip ties: infants, toddlers, children, and adults

Areas of Specialty: Breastfeeding, reflux, colic, speech, sleep apnea, headaches

Philosophical Approach: Tongue ties are not always the problem so we are careful to do a complete evaluation to be sure a tongue tie is present. If so, we offer the safest method for correcting the problem as an outpatient at our dental practice. No general anesthesia, quicker healing time and no antibiotics necessary.

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