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2019 Wellness package for Natural Awakenings, value $1,075, includes Wellness Profile & Community Resource Guide (CRG).  

Order now and save with November discounts through Sun., Nov. 25.  Standard rates listed below:

  • Wellness Profile Package $575 (standard rate)
  • Wellness Profile (add-on to existing CRG under contract) $472
  • Wellness Profile plus CRG (add-on to existing 1/4 page ad or smaller under contract) $400
  • Wellness Profile  (add-on to existing 1/4 page ad or smaller and CRG under contract), $300
  • Wellness Profile plus CRG (add-on to 1/3 page ad to 2/3 page ad) $80
  • CRG (can order separately) for January only $175
  • Wellness Profile online for 2019, $300 value
  • CRG online (two places) for 2019, $200 value
To the right is a sample of what a Wellness Profile will look like in print. They are approximately the size of a 1/3rd page ad.
We reserve the right to edit your Wellness Profile for clarity, and/or to fit within the allotted space.


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Wellness Profile Sample

Wellness Profile Package Options
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November discounted options through Sunday, November 25:


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For the following four items, submit no more than a total of 200 words for ALL four items combined. Just in case... we strongly encourage you to save your profile content somewhere on your computer then copy/paste into the form.
If there are any issues with the form, we can send you a "docx" document to complete and email to us.


Services offered:

List the modalities/specialty services and/or products you offer.

Areas of specialty:

List the types of wellness issues, illnesses, diseases of concentration or areas of expertise that you cover.

Philosophical approach:

Describe your philosophical approach on healing and maximizing human potential.
Additional information:
Include this image with Profile. NOTE: If your file is over 1 meg, an alternative is to email it directly to us. *Please use the file I uploaded with the CRG form.I'm not sure, call me about an image.

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