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Wellness Profiles are offered for the Annual editions only. We have just closed out the 2018 Annual edition in which we have selected Profiles featured in Print for our January edition. This specialNatural Awakenings‘ Broward County, Florida edition includes our Natural Living Directory (Community Resource Guide) and glossary of holistic terms for (print & an e-magazine version for online viewing).

In addition, profiles will be listed online, for the year in which it is intended, on our Wellness Profile Page.

Check out this coming year’s profile page – We plan on completing this page before the end of December 2017 and it will be online for the year 2018.
To the right is a sample of a Wellness Profile in print. They are approximately the size of a 1/3rd page ad.

The January Profile Package consists of a Wellness Profile and a Community Resource Guide (CRG) ad. If you already have a CRG ad,  you only need complete this form when it is next available.
We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our community. Note: EDGE Browser is not able to process this form at this writing. Consider Chrome or Safari.

Wellness Profile Sample

The Wellness Profiles will be available again for purchase for the January 2019 issue. Review this form. We suggest you write the answers to these questions ahead of time and have them for an easy copy/paste when you are ready to order.

We are expecting special rates/options will again be available toward the end of summer. Please feel free to sign up for our monthly newsletter to be notified about when we will open this opportunity up again.


The following will appear at the beginning of your profile:

* Asterisk denotes a required field.


For the following four items, submit 200 words max. Just in case... it might behoove you to have your content elsewhere on your computer then copy/paste into the form.
If there are any issues with the form, we can send you a "docx" document to complete and email to us.


Define or describe your business and/or practice in third person (he/she/they)

Services offered:

List the modalities/specialty services and/or products you offer. Example: Chiropractic, acupuncture, dentistry, homeopathy, bio-mat, organic skincare.

Areas of specialty:

List the types of wellness issues, illnesses, diseases of concentration or areas of expertise that you cover. Example: Chronic Fatigue, weight-loss, Lyme Disease, fertility, etc.

Philosophical approach:

Describe your philosophical approach on healing and maximizing human potential.
Additional information: Comments... anything else you request within this profile, i.e. an additional email address.

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