SusieQ Speaks about Owning Your Passion

SusieQ Wood, publisher of Natural Awakening for Broward County and founder of the Global TRASHformation movement, is scheduled to speak at the upcoming 6th Annual Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick (SSL) event, to be held August 25 and 26, at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort. Her talk it titled “Trash to Transformation, The Act of Reinventing Yourself Through Art.” Continue Reading

Serving the Community, Changing Minds, One Piece of Litter at a Time

by Gayle Pomeray

Global TRASHformation is a movement using the arts to raise awareness about the power we hold within ourselves to no longer accept out-of-place trash and litter, be it in our own space, neighborhood, school and/or work environment. SusieQ Wood, publisher of Natural Awakenings Broward County and activist eco-artist, takes this subject lightly yet seriously, bringing to public awareness the at-hand ability for each person to make a huge impact with small gestures.

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What’s In Your Water?

In a recent 26-page report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, it states that Florida is second in the country for the most violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to protect yourself and your loved ones from the more than 316 toxic contaminants found in your home’s drinking water.

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Yoga for ALL Children

by Louise Goldberg

Most children are natural yogis. Joyful and intuitive, they love to stretch and twist and play. They tend to be curious and fully involved in the moment, rarely dwelling on the past or future. They are responsive to their bodies’ needs and seek comfort and ease in posture.

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Summertime Inspiration for Body, Mind & Finances

by Jayne Mills

As we settle into the final month of summer, it’s nice to treat ourselves to a break and indulge the natural desire to move at a slower pace. The heat can drain our energy. We want to limit outdoor activities to the early mornings or late evenings, and seek the relative comfort of shade or water. We deserve to take it easy!

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The Voyage to Well-being: Vegan Caribbean Cruise Celebrates 15 Years of Sailing

Since 2004, Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise has welcomed more than 15,000 guests with opportunities that meet each person wherever they are on their journey to health. Often described as a life-changing conference, vacation, and wellness retreat all-in-one, Holistic Holiday at Sea combines classes from plant-based leaders; fitness and mindfulness workshops; exotic ports of call; and gourmet food—all centered on the topic of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle. The 15th anniversary cruise takes place February 15–25, 2018 on the MSC Divina and will depart from Miami, Florida.

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Letter from the Publisher

August heats everything up around here. I left a fresh apple in the car one morning. When I later opened the car door, the smell of freshly baked pie greeted my nostrils. If you’ve lived in Florida for a while, I’m sure you can imagine that scenario. It was a memorable teaching moment.
As we at Natural Awakenings present information to our readers, it’s important to remember to be mindful of the similarities and the differences between us.

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Detoxification — The Art of Healing & Sauna Therapy

Discover the art of detoxification and healing at Thermae Retreat of Delray. Come unwind in the saunas and discover how heating your core and sweating can benefit you.

Thermae is an organic retreat in which to move-detox-relax in a social atmosphere. From 6 to 8:30 p.m., on July 18, Kelly Doyle, owner of Thermae, will take guests on a tour throughout the entire retreat. Continue Reading

Me’ Hungry

Vegan-friendly, the new Me’ Hungry Vegetarian Restaurant, located at 105 North State Road 7 (West Side Plaza), in Plantation, offers a wide variety of organic raw meals for takeout and dine-in along with a juice bar. Their Caribbean fusion menu includes both raw and cooked favorites, smoothies and a wide variety of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices.

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Full Service Beauty at Stonewater Med Spa

Stonewater Med Spa is the perfect place to indulge your body. Well trained staff pamper and rejuvenate you with top quality products and innovative treatment options to have you looking and feeling your best.

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