Late Night Health and Mark Alyn

Sometimes the gifts we earn evolve from what appear to be negative circumstances. In Mark Alyn’s case it was the refusal of his health insurance to cover costs for necessary physical therapy treatments. Asking why they declined what appeared to be 100 percent coverage, the insurance company answered, “Because we can.”

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Urban Dentistry Changes Name and Welcomes New Doctor

Urban Dentistry is pleased to announce that after much consideration, they have welcomed a new doctor to their practice. Dr. B. Lipovetskiy specializes in natural, biological and cosmetic dentistry, offering the latest in technologies.

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There is No Such Thing as ​Incurable

Find out about healing on the spiritual path. Join the thousands of friends throughout the world who have experienced miraculous healings. You may be next.

Matjaz Lesjak, M.D., a medical doctor from Slovenia, will present: Free Lecture by MD on Medically-Verified Spiritual Healings. This lecture is part of an international series of lectures in over 120 countries.

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Our Grand Journey of Self-Exploration: Two Souls Journeying to the Great Beyond

by Tara O’Toole-Conn and the soul of Peter D. Conn

I was caring for a mom labeled with Alzheimer’s when I met up with a biofeedback practitioner who recommended this book. We were discussing how we as souls communicate with other than words, which tend to limit meaning and get in the way of accessing higher levels of consciousness.

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Homeopathy– A Natural Cure

by Dr. Iqbal Nazir

German Doctor Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy in 1799. Homeopathy is a science and a form of alternative medicine which treats the individual with highly diluted substances with the aim of triggering the body’s own natural system of healing.

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The Darshan Center for Spiritual Evolution

Located in Wilton Manors has been a place for people to celebrate, explore and develop “inner” faith and interfaith experiences and where their vision is attuned to a Higher Awareness of Oneness for over three years now. The Center is an interfaith sacred and safe place for ALL people to heal, grow, learn and develop a spiritual consciousness that celebrates the manifestation of the Divine in all things.

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Letter from the Publisher, April 2017

Seven Natural Awakenings territories were represented on the Holistic Holiday at Sea Cruise, March, 2017. This pic of the happy group of publishers and (in some cases) their + 1 was taken post-dinner one evening.

April—within which April 22 is Earth Day. My recollection of that day is marked by the classic “crying Indian” commercial, speaking to the effects of litter and pollution on the natural world. That was in the early days of plastic. Its alarming impact on the planetary system has taken its toll. As each individual eco-system is interconnected, what happens in one affects the all, for better or worse. On an upnote, the frequent sandstorms from the great dunes of the Sahara, Northern Africa, replenish phosphorus via dust to the Amazon rainforests, and so forth. Nature wastes nothing.

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NEWLIFE Expo Returns to Palm Beach Convention Center April 1-2

Due to last year’s overwhelming response, Mark Becker, Renaissance man entrepreneur, is bringing America’s longest running expo for enlightenment and rejuvenation back to the Palm Beach Convention Center, April 1 to 2. Join in the adventure and meet thousands of old and new friends who want to look and feel great.

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Tinnitus – What is It and What Can Be Done About It?

by Dr. Bill Rice

Tinnitus is commonly known as “ringing in the ears.” While it may not sound serious, talk to anyone who suffers from it. Many experience a very minor form that may last only a few seconds while others live with an annoying tone 24/7. Vincent Van Gogh suffered from Meniere’s disease which includes tinnitus—one theory of why he cut off his ear—that’s how bad it can be.

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Yogic Breathing Practices Surpass Pharmaceuticals

recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that a unique breathing-based meditation practice called Sudarshan Kriya significantly reduced clinical depression and anxiety in patients who had not achieved remission on antidepressants. Since over half of the 41 million Americans who take antidepressants do not fully respond, the medical community seeks to add treatments, but they typically offer limited additional benefits and come with troubling side effects.

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