Me’ Hungry

Vegan-friendly, the new Me’ Hungry Vegetarian Restaurant, located at 105 North State Road 7 (West Side Plaza), in Plantation, offers a wide variety of organic raw meals for takeout and dine-in along with a juice bar. Their Caribbean fusion menu includes both raw and cooked favorites, smoothies and a wide variety of freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices.

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Full Service Beauty at Stonewater Med Spa

Stonewater Med Spa is the perfect place to indulge your body. Well trained staff pamper and rejuvenate you with top quality products and innovative treatment options to have you looking and feeling your best.

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Introducing Shells Kava Bar

Lauderhill’s newly opened relaxation destination, located at 4646 North University Drive, (between Inverrary Boulevard and 44th Street), in the Promenade at Inverrary, Shells Kava Bar offers a range of non-alcoholic beverages with a primary focus on kava.

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Holistic Podiatrist Releases First E-Book

Dr. Richard J. Rimler, DPM (Doc Rick), holistic podiatrist, is pleased to announce his first e-book entitled Your Feet and the Orgasm Connection. In it, he shows a direct and indirect correlation between his Start with Your Feet philosophy and a healthy sex life.

The e-book is available as a free download and also comes with discounts on his line of customized orthotics and podiatric medical services.

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Is Milk Really Beneficial for Teeth?

One thing many mainstream dentists are unaware of is the number of studies that have established that it’s magnesium—not calcium—that contributes to form the hard enamel that resists decay.

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NAD Therapy for Addiction

The basis for all disease and degeneration of the body is the decreasing ability to generate energy through the metabolizing of oxygen. This occurs in the part of the cell called the mitochondria and the enzyme system that is crucial for energy is fueled by NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). This substance, which is an activated form of the B vitamin niacin, dramatically decreases with illicit drug use, drug withdrawal, aging and any chronic medical condition.

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Detox Your Feelings to Heal Yourself

by Victoria Danelczyk

Detox is important not only for our physical body but also our emotional body. Our soul carries many different feelings during our day; just think… when was the last time that you detoxed your emotions?

Let’s talk about toxic emotions. Can we differentiate our feelings/emotions or do we just go through life without analyzing them? There are healthy emotions that make us happy and everything flows and we feel good and grateful; but also we find people who provoke negative emotions in us, perhaps people we even work and live with closely. It is time to pay attention to our feelings.

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Access School Offers a Tried-and-True Program

Retraining the Brains of Struggling Students

For the parents of children who struggle in school, the list of mild or severe symptoms that come with learning disabilities will be instantly familiar:

• Loss of confidence

• The child is shut down—can’t seem to “get it”

• The child knows the material one day and forgets it the next

• The child fails to make connections—it’s like they’re in a fog

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The Time has Come for Women to Own It

Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick (SSL), a globally recognized empowerment and leadership organization, will produce the 6th annual Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick Empowerment and Leadership Conference, to be held August 25 to 26, at the Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale.

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Letter from the Publisher

July Fourth, a symbol of patriotism and a time of family celebration around fireworks and outdoor dining. I’m ambivalent, I confess, about firework displays. On another note—group get-togethers around food—always a fabulous activity. Mealtime with family and friends evokes great memories.

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