Garden for Life

by Donna Torrey

My garden is full of many blessings. Because I love flowers, and my yard has a plethora of them, and because I have come to appreciate how important insects are to the web of life, I became a beekeeper about eight years ago. I love being able to harvest and sell treatment-free honey at my store.

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Shop, Play, Imagine at LilaSky

Not just a retail store but rather a community hot spot for families to connect and enjoy, a brand new children’s concept store has opened in downtown Hollywood. As a family with three small children and residents of Hollywood, the creators/owners came up with the concept for LilaSky as in their travels they could not find a shop that not only sold eco-friendly products but also made their autistic son feel welcome.

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Organic Katon Salon

Katon, the #1 organic hair salon and spa in Fort Lauderdale, is one of only 10 fully certified salons in the U.S. to perform all Oway treatments and services, ranging from herbal hair growth to cold fusion herbal hair repair to their two-time award-winning, ammonia-free, organic and holistic hair color.

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A New Spin on Healing Circles

Many have received hands-on healing in a circle, be it Reiki or another. Born empath, psychic, medium and healer, Reverend Carole Ramsay, RMT, was born fully sentient. Unique to any other, she has been holding Sacred Circles for almost 20 years. Continue Reading

What’s Going On in Your Bedroom?

by Gary Greenleaf

Here are five tips for creating an improved energetic bedroom environment so you can rest, rejuvenate and thrive:

A good mattress is a critical starting point. I recommend an organic latex mattress without metal springs or a metal box spring; all metals are conductors and antennas and can become electrically charged—and you can become charged too. You are an electrical being with a built-in electromagnetic field and any charge is received and responded to by your body.

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Yogi Plus Yoga Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

The Yogi Plus Yoga Studio (YPY) invites one and all to join them in celebrating their 2nd year anniversary during the month of May.

The “Plus” in their name stands for plus size yoga. They are a body-positive yoga studio. Their mission is the same as their vision: To make yoga accessible for every body and to use yoga as a tool to connect with their body. They couldn’t care less about the fancy poses, but rather care deeply about helping attendees feel freedom in their own skin. All levels, body types and ages are welcome to this non-heated yoga salon.

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Letter from the Editor, May 2017

May—the last month of the colorful spring season and the early part of turtle nesting season here in Broward. As of this writing, I’ve yet to spot any cordoned off sections of beach near my home, noting the arrival of the turtles. Every year they come en masse and I believe this year will be no different.

May—Natural Awakenings’ annual celebration of feminine energy. Included in this issue are a few articles and briefs for women of child-bearing age along with helpful tips to be used during that life stage. While pregnant, I became a voracious reader, educating myself about my body, what was happening, and how to “go with the flow,” being fully present, paying attention to my changing needs. Building one’s team, one’s support system during this special time is important on so many levels.

One of the articles I especially resonated with in this issue is “When We Set Out.” I have often used the sailboat and holding onto the rudder to set one’s life’s course as a metaphor. I have been sailing ever since, making course corrections as the wind changes. That process puts a smile on my face and says to me, “Yes, I’m heading in the right direction.”

As you know, sailing is never about “set it and forget it.” It’s an active process of continually assessing the moment. As in life, we’re in constant motion and, according to a recently heard talk on e-motion (energy in motion), we are systems reacting to mostly what is happening in our subconscious mind. The science is interesting and there is value in knowing the numbers, understanding our mind-body connection and being able to make choices to improve the results we want to achieve.

I can get caught up in trying to fix myself or my thoughts and can get frenzied feeling that I need to be something different than I am. I believe the important thing is to know when to hold and when to let go. The tandem ride with some of these thoughts is birthed by my current read, The Code to an Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani. It’s a mind-bender and has set me on yet another chapter in my life—one in which I breathe deeper into perfecting the questions I ask of myself for my life. It’s about taking a fresh look at the rules of the culture in which I exist and determining more closely what fits and what doesn’t, allowing myself to break free from those that no longer serve, aligning the inner and outer. I find this process to be quite empowering and can feel some shifts in the way I make my choices.

A side note: For those reading this in April… I’m inviting you to help keep our county beautiful and participate with a public collaborative art project as part of THE WALLS Street Art Project, from 1-7pm, April 29, at House of Art, 813 NE 13th St., Ft Lauderdale 33304. For my project, “THE POLE,” in the lot east of House of Art, I’ll be orchestrating an artistic covering of a non-utility pole with metal objects collected from parking lots and streets (flattened cans, bottle caps, washers, etc.). Safely collect street metal for the project. If you cannot attend, drop off your street finds at the gallery. Event includes House of Art exhibit with three artists and adjoining lot spaces to the east with art jewelry designers, live muralists, fine artists, ceramist, art students, DJ Adora and live performance by Circ X. Food truck will be there too.

MAY this month reflect nature’s ever-changing landscape; focus on the colors you enjoy.

Love the rainbows; plan on it.

SusieQ Wood, Publishing Editor

Customized Orthotics Launches New Shop-at-Home Website

Richard J. Rimler, DPM, holistic podiatrist and owner of Start with Your Feet, is pleased to announce he has renamed and relaunched his shop-at-home orthotics website to

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Heal the Planet Day April 22, 2017 in Fort Lauderdale

Mark your calendar for April 22, as the excitement around Fort Lauderdale’s Heal the Planet Day builds. Earth Day 2017 marks the 2nd annual celebration of the planet from event producers Heal the Planet and SouthFlo Events. Taking place from 11am to 5pm, plan to bring the family and arrive early to partake of food, fun, festivities and entertainment.

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New Natural Awakenings App

The Natural Awakenings healthy living, healthy planet lifestyle app has been upgraded with a brand-new look and updated features. The changes to the free app, which has already been downloaded by 40,000-plus users, will make keeping up with the best choices for a green and healthy lifestyle easier than ever.

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