Open to Creativity & Inspiration with the Crown Pull

by Gwenn Bonnell

Just when we want creativity to flow, our minds are sometimes the most congested and confused. Here is a quick technique that clears away mental stagnation, refreshes the mind, and opens the Crown Chakra to the inspirational energies and spiritual guidance always available from the cosmos.

This energy medicine technique, called the “Crown Pull”, involves using the fingertips to stretch apart the midline sutures on the skull beginning from the center of the forehead, up across the top of the skull, ending at the back of the neck, while taking deep breaths. This stretching action sweeps away cobwebs in the mind as it calms the nervous system and stimulates blood flow to the head.

How To Do The Crown Pull

Keep breathing deeply throughout the crown pull, breathing in through the nose and releasing out through the mouth.

1)  With the palms of your hand towards your forehead, thumbs facing up, place your thumbs at your temples on the side of your head. Curl your fingers and rest your fingertips in a vertical line in the center of your forehead.

2)  Take a deep breath in and slowly, as you breathe out, push in on your forehead and pull your fingers away from each other, out towards the tops of your ears. You should feel your skin stretch across your forehead.

3)  Shake out your hands, then place your fingertips at your hairline. Press in as you breathe in, then pull out across your hairline as you breathe out.

4)  Shake out your hands, then place your fingertips at the top of your head, keeping your fingers curled, with your little fingers at your hairline. Take a breath in, press on the skull, and then on the out breath pull your hands across the skull, as if pulling your head apart.

5)  Follow this pattern, shaking out your hands, then putting your fingertips further back at the crown of the head, pressing down with the in breath and pulling apart with the out breath.

6)  Shake your hands again, then put your fingertips down the curve at the back of your head, pressing down as you breathe in and pulling your fingers apart with some pressure as you breathe out.

7)  Finally, place your fingertips down the center of the back of your head and your neck, take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out pull your fingers apart toward your shoulders.

8)  Let your hands rest for a bit atop your shoulders, pressing your fingertips into the back of the shoulders and letting your elbows hang down the center of your body. Take a few deep breaths and roll your head around to loosen the neck.

If this exercise feels good, that means you need it! You can repeat any of these stretches one or more times for even more benefit.

How often do we need the Crown Pull? It’s a great part of any daily routine because stress often causes us to over-think, causing confusion and overwhelm.

This exercise is also a great way to finish any yoga routine or chakra balancing practice because as energy rises up the chakra system, if the crown chakra isn’t open, the head can get over-energized. Another benefit of the Crown Pull is the effect of releasing the stress that may cause a tension headache.

And if you’re thinking you can’t fit one more thing into your busy day, I’ll tell you a secret: I use the Crown Pull in the shower as I’m washing and rinsing my hair. Imagine all that congestion and stress washing out of your mind and flowing down the drain, leaving you clear-headed and energized for a creative day!

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