Mother Love

by Donna Torrey

may be just a tiny bit biased, but I think that gardeners make the best moms! You see, gardening is a lot like mothering. Anyone can plant the seed, but it takes a lot of nurturing, protecting and work to enjoy the harvest. Isn’t that mothering in a nutshell?

This month, as our country celebrates motherhood, it’s also a good time to honor everyone’s mother—Mother Earth.


Here’s an amazing, and little known fact, that I am quoting from The Farm Bureau, which should give you new appreciation of how wonderful She is: “If an orange represents the Earth and you cut the orange in quarters, oceans claim 3/4 of the orange (3 slices) or 75 percent of the Earth. The 1/4 of the orange which is left represents the entire landmass of the world. If that quarter is cut to make two slices, one slice represents 1/8 of land that cannot be farmed because the land makes up deserts, swamps, mountains, and the Antarctic and Arctic. The remaining 1/8 of land represents where people live. If you cut the 1/8 of orange that is left into four bites, three of these bites are areas that contain cities or areas where the soils are not adequate for growing food or the climate is too dry or too wet. Take the peel off this one little bite. The peel represents the amount of soil in the world, 3 percent of the land that remains, to grow food for 61,766,753,969+ people who live in the world!”

This information is not only astounding, but a little scary as well, for as the population continues to climb, our natural resources will continue to be stretched to their limits.

Let’s not take our Great Mother for granted. Love her by nurturing her with organic gardening practices, protecting her from pesticide toxicity, and prospering her with native trees, shrubs and wildflowers.

So, Happy Mother’s Day, especially to all the gardening mums. I hope you have a chance to get out there this month and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Donna Torrey is owner of The Garden Gate. See ad page 56.

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