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July—a celebration. Okay, I have to confess, sometimes I just don’t feel it. It’s times like that I need to give myself an oil change. Our “oil” is our blood. I’m not looking for a transfusion but more like a systemic infusion. I may choose to do nothing at all, as suggested in the healing ways article in this issue, or I could take a walk in nature, volunteer to do something for another, go for a bike ride, go swimming—something to provide a reset or reboot of the system.

We were recently delivered the news of a major loss of life in Orlando at the hands of a troubled young man. The publisher of the Orlando Natural Awakenings emailed us “Coping with Tragedy” by Dr. Tatum. I appreciate his perspective and decided to place in this issue. He discusses the event as a catalyst for change. See page 13.
I would guess that most of us have had experiences or events that have turned into opportunities for re-evaluation. What is most important is having the belief we can find meaningful ways to implement those changes.
In terms of attitude and judgements about others—be it race, religion, orientation or abilities—pre-judging closes down the energy for personal growth.
“Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future and renders the present inaccessible.” Maya Angelou
Education is key, being open to learning new things, being both curious and adventuresome support the way. Listen to others share how they have solved issues or made changes. Recognize and develop the leadership qualities that reside within yourself. Be your own person. Love and embrace your unique qualities of expression.
For the first time that I know of, we have an article on the importance of independent media, yes, magazines like Natural Awakenings, bringing you information on climate change, GMOs, alternative and integrative therapies, the benefits of plant-based diets, sustainability and so much more.
We reach out to share, inform and inspire so that each one may take action toward developing their own wellness path—body, mind and spirit.
We are blessed to have editorial submitted both locally and nationally for a rich array of independent perspectives.
Other articles I love in this issue: one that describes when we’re on track with our purpose. I recall vividly when I first started talking to people in Broward County about Natural Awakenings (1999). Nothing, I mean nothing, could deter my belief that I was called to publish the magazine and make the information available to all in Broward that wanted it. Everything seemed to come together; even the rainbows appeared to confirm that I was on the “right path.” How wonderful a feeling that is.
Follow the rainbows in your life; plan on it.
SusieQ Wood
Publishing Editor

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