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September is the first month of autumn. In the schools this year, I wonder the number of one-use plastic items that will end up in the hands of our children. How do we best deal with plastic waste? Less and less I accept plastic (one-use bags, straws, forks, plates and the like). There are substitute products that I have purchased to use instead. We are a creative lot. Let’s use that power to reduce or eliminate one-use plastic items.

Another “biggie” is the topic of toxic runoff from agricultural land use. The damage is evident in the Gulf of Mexico, an area called the “Dead Zone” by the Mississippi Delta. Let’s learn from the unintended consequences and make adjustments where we can for the future of not only a healthy ocean system, but land use as well.
My work is driven, in part, for the benefit of those that cannot do for themselves. This magazine is to be inspirational for one’s self, and using that knowledge for others; yes, the ripple effect. Some refer to this concept as the butterfly effect. Trust that your good deeds expand the love. I’m now working on a program with a nonprofit that involves local children, cleanups and sustainable food production.
Graceful aging—the later years of life are for reflection and reassessment. Death and dying are a natural part of the human experience; how we choose to live our lives is up to us—each one being unique. For me, graceful aging includes being connected to my community, giving back and being in service. I do talks on this very subject. Though not retired, might I be a part of that group? Do the number of years I’ve lived place the label on me or is it better just to be label-free? I serve as I feel best supports my core values.
As Shouse writes in her article on Graceful Aging, consider reviewing your life in seven year chunks, perhaps a perfect thing to do in this month of September wherein the Latin root is the number seven. With reflection, we elicit meaningful choices.
Trust your wings and fly; plan on it.

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